We all know Iowa weather is tough on vehicles so why not take care of your ride before the elements strike with a ceramic coating from Dent Eliminators. 

We apply a liquid polymer by hand that chemically adheres to your original paint job and provides protection from UV damage/oxidization and chemical stains and etching.

Although this won’t totally eliminate the risks of gravel and rock chips, it will result in an easier clean and an enhanced gloss – making your car look great again.

Dent Eliminators also provides Clear Bra paint protection film for those that want to shift their preventative maintenance into high gear. Paint protection film is the most effective way of protecting vehicles from road damages such as stone chips, debris, scratches etc. This thin invisible paint protection “shield” is designed to protect your paint finish on cars, trucks, RV’s, and motorcycles. 

 The UV stable film forms an invisible “clear bra” that should be waxed and maintained just like your paint to maintain the original high gloss shine of modern vehicles. 

So, if you’re ready to keep your ride looking showroom ready, call Dent Eliminators and book a no-hassle ceramic coating or paint protection appointment today. Your car or truck will thank you.

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