They’re some of the last things on our mind when it comes to our automobiles but some of the most noticeable when they need to be repaired. We’re talking about wheels, bumpers and headlights.

Our experts are certified to take care of your car or truck from front to back. With our 360 degree expert approach, we’ve been able to take care of Central Iowa’s automotive body needs including wheels, bumpers and headlights.

Scuffed, scratched or gouged wheels can be repaired easily and it prevents a costly wheel replacement and damage done to the suspension of the vehicle. 

Damaged wheels can cause other problems, like damaging the steering wheel and the tires. It’s a must to get these fixed.

We also offer color changes in wheels that can give your car a custom look.

Let’s take you from drab to fab!

Plastic bumpers look great but can’t withstand much of an impact. Even a small bump against a curb, hardened winter snow or another vehicle can crack or break your plastic bumper.

Damaged plastic bumpers need not always be replaced. Quite often, our bumper repair technicians can fix instead of replace your broken bumper. 

With modern bumper repair plastic welding techniques and body refinishing techniques, your damaged plastic bumper can be repaired to look as good as new.  If you think your bumper needs repaired or replaced, we’ve definitely got your back with that, too.

And, those headlights? Yep. Gotcha there, too. If your headlights are cloudy and do not function properly, we can give them their shine back!

Our headlight restoration experts will polish and buff those headlights back to its original shiny luster. Come on in and see just how much we can make your old car look new again. Hassle-free, no-cost estimates are available at either of our locations.

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