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Life can take a toll on your car’s interior.

Your vehicle may need a little interior repair TLC. Bring your vehicle’s interior back to its original glory. If you must be in your car, make it a pleasant place to be.

Unsightly cracks, cigarette burns, splits or tears in your seats, carpets or vinyl trim? Fading of carpets or vinyl? If so, we can help. We have professionals that can repair these interior problems using the most modern of techniques.

When selling your vehicle, everyone knows that the better it looks the more money it will bring. A clean, nice appearing interior can add to the resale value.

Vinyl and carpet in your boat can also take a beating. Our interior experts can do those repairs too.

Leather Seat Repair - AFTER
Leather Seat Repair - BEFORE
Leather Seat Repair - AFTER
Leather Seat Repair - BEFORE
Arm Rest Repair - AFTER
Arm Rest Repair - BEFORE
Steering Wheel Repair - AFTER
Steering Wheel Repair - BEFORE
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