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We can fix your door dings and minor dents without painting.

Paintless Dent Removal, or PDR, is a body repair process that will return your vehicle to its original finish without using traditional body repair techniques.

Special tools are used to remove dings, dips, and small dents in metal panels without invasive grinding, filling or painting. Our highly skilled technicians will use these tools to massage out the dents. PDR repairs can take a fraction of the time and cost of traditional body shop repairs.

Not only is this process better for your vehicle, paintless dent removal is also better for your busy schedule and bank account. No harmful chemicals or pollutants are used and no leftover body parts make PDR better for the environment than traditional collision center repairs.

Because of cost and time efficiency of PDR repairs, and lack of vehicle depreciation following the use of PDR, insurance companies are now highly recommending this process.

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