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Plastic bumpers look great but can’t withstand much of an impact. If your bumper needs repaired, see us for a free estimate!

Bump against a curb, hardened winter snow or even another vehicle can crack or break your plastic bumper.

Damaged plastic bumpers need not always be replaced. Quite often, our bumper repair technicians can fix instead of replace your broken bumper. With modern bumper repair plastic welding techniques and body refinishing techniques, your damaged plastic bumper can be repaired to look as good as new. And you will find this type of bumper repair to cost a fraction of traditional collision center fees.

Should damage be so extensive as to require bumper replacement, we can accommodate those needs as well.

Let our professional technicians work with you to determine precisely how your vehicle is to be repaired.

Repaired Bumper
Bumper Repair - BEFORE
Repaired Bumper
Bumper Repair - BEFORE
Repaired Spoiler
Cracked Spoiler - BEFORE
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